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Reception Area

In its most basic form, a reception area is a section of your office space that is used to greet all visitors and to provide a waiting area for them until they are met by the person that they came to the business to meet with.


The size of the reception area that you create will be in direct proportion to both the type and size of your business.  The sophistication and associated cost of building a stylish reception area, versus a basic one will depend in large part on what happens in the business.

All reception areas have several furnishings and components in common:


Receptionist desk/station

A comfortable and ergonomically appropriate chair for the receptionist

Chairs for guests to use while waiting

A table to hold literature or magazines or to provide a surface for visitors for their purses, their briefcases or other personal belongings while waiting

A typical medical office reception area will have many chairs to accommodate the possibility that there will be several patients waiting to be seen by the healthcare provider. If the medical office is seeing disabled patients or patients with special needs, there should be attention to details of the width of doors and ease with which patients in wheelchairs can access the reception area safely and independently. The height of the counter where the individual with special needs will be attended to is also important particularly if the patient is in a wheelchair.